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Once you remove the water that has gotten into your property, whether it’s a water leak or an indoor flood, the next step is to dry it out. Seems simple enough, right? But if you don’t act fast, it can lead to what is called secondary damage. The longer you wait, the more likely it is you’ll pay more for repairs.



Air movers promote evaporation by removing remaining water in structural materials


Removal of evaporated air from structural materials

Temperature Control

Monitor rate of evaporation, and dehumidification effectiveness by observing grain depression (weight of moisture in the air)

Once the water has been extracted, and the affected materials have been removed, the next step is to dry it out. This may seem simple; however everything has a moisture content, and not knowing what non acceptable levels are, can lead to larger issues like mold.

Our team of certified professionals have been trained in proper structural drying methods, and know how to monitor conditions, and adjust engineering controls to ensure that your property is brought back to acceptable and safe living conditions.

How Can Structural Drying Prevent Secondary Damage?

The easiest way to stop any further damage to your property after a flood or water leak is to get it dry as quickly as possible. Simply put, structural drying is removing excess moisture from wet materials.

By using dehumidifiers, fans, and heaters specifically designed for structural drying, we can save as much of the materials in your property as possible. This, in turn, will save your wallet from expensive repair costs, or any repair costs potentially.

When it comes to water damage, time is of the essence. If you spot a leak, give EZ DRY FLOOD DAMAGE™ a call and we’ll remedy the issue ASAP.

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