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If you’ve been the unfortunate victim of a water leak, fixing the leak may not be your only problem. There’s a chance that moisture has seeped into your drywall, creating the perfect environment for mold to grow. And when it does grow, not only is it ugly but it can also be a serious health concern.

The EZ DRY FLOOD DAMAGE™ System for Mold Remediation

Naturally, the solution is to get rid of the mold. That’s where our Mold Remediation service comes in. The first part of our service is finding the source of the moisture. Once that’s done, we take the necessary steps to remove the mold and prevent it from reoccurring. Here’s how our mold remediation service works step-by-step.

Stop the source

Mold spores exist all around us, in our indoor and outdoor environments. However actual mold growth inside your home or business is not normal, and can adversely influence your health when spores are absorbed into the respiratory system. Long term exposure can especially be dangerous for children that have underdeveloped immune systems, individuals that have pre-existing conditions, or the elderly whose systems are immunosuppressed.

In order for mold to grow, certain factors are necessary. There must be water, it must have a nutrient source to feed on (organic materials), and the right environmental conditions must be present, with higher temperatures and levels of relative humidity.

When these conditions are present, mold can grow as fast as 24-48 hours. If active, it can release spores that aren’t visible to our eyes, and spread to other areas of your home or business. Proper remediation is important to safety of your environment, and to prevent cross contamination into non affected areas. That’s where our certified professionals come in. We follow proven industry practices to remove any airborne spores, surface mold, and bring your home/business back to acceptable living standards.



Identify affected areas with preliminary mold test.


Contain and Isolate affected area.


Removal of Porous Materials.


Heavy cleaning of surfaces, and framing.


Post Remediation Clearance


Mold problems should never be ignored. Your property and health depend on it. Give EZ DRY FLOOD DAMAGE™ a call today for mold remediation and breath easy in your clean, healthy home.

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