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Identifying the source of water damage can be challenging because it will always follow the path of least resistance. Water may be leaking from the ceiling in your home, but the actual location may be somewhere else. Two noninvasive methods that we use are thermal imaging, and electronic leak detection.

Thermal imaging works by recording temperature variances in different surfaces, which helps to determine whether there’s truly a leak or not. Without unnecessary demolition, we can find leaks under slabs, pinholes in water lines behind walls, or even hidden pipes beneath layers of concrete. This can save you a considerable amount of time and money during repairs, as you may only need to excavate a small area rather than dig up the entire line to find the leak.

Electronic leak detection is primarily used to find leaks under slabs. It works by creating an electrical charge to the water lines. Once the line is charged a detector is used to identify the location of the pipes and find the leak.

You Don’t Have to Re-place Your Property

You may have heard stories where a small leak led to an expensive pipe replacement for the entire property. That’s not necessary at all! Here at EZ DRY FLOOD DAMAGE™, we can find the source of a leak without having to redo the plumbing. Our dedicated professionals are trained in the most convenient and less invasive leak detection techniques.

We Use Technology to Your Advantage

So how exactly do we do it? Here’s where technology comes to the rescue. Using an infrared camera and moisture meter, our technicians can pinpoint the source of any water leakage without damaging your property. Once the source of the leak has been found via leak detection, the next step is to plug it and fix the damage.

We’ll Get You Back to “Good as New”

Finding and fixing the leak is just the first step. You’ll still need to find out the extent of the damage and see what has to be fixed. When it comes to water damage, here at EZ Dry Flood Damage, we’ve seen it all and are well prepared to fix whatever issue you may have.

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